Kingdom School of Arts create bespoke showreels from scratch. All of our scenes are written, directed and produced by our in-house production team. 

As a full-scale production company we use Cinema Camera’s, Professional Lights & Lenses and work with award-winning Cinematographers to ensure our showreels have the highest production value.

Most of our competitors shoot their showreel scenes on standard, handheld, Canon DSLR camera’s such as the Canon EOS 5DMkIII. The problem with DSLR camera’s is that they are designed for Still-Photography, this means they are also limited to Still-Photography Lenses. 

For this reason we only use Professional, Cinema Camera’s that are used in high-budget feature-films in our productions.

For non-students the showreels cost £400 per scene, which are are created from scratch by our in-house production team.

All Kingdom School of Arts students who wish to participate have the option to receive TWO professional showreel scenes for FREE at no additional cost to their tuition fees.

Below are examples of showreels that we shot with some of our drama students.