Casting Paid Lead Roles for TV Pilot IMPERTINENCE, directed by NAJAN WARD

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to be a drama student at the KINGDOM SCHOOL OF ARTS in order to be cast in this production.

RATES: £100 per Day
DATES: Autumn / Winter / Spring

IMPERTINENCE takes a dark and subtly humorous look at multiculturalism in Britain whilst pushing the boundaries of political correctness. Hard-hitting performances from this character driven story, shatters the ideology of modern day Britain, and delves into the underbelly of our collective consciousness. Unearthing many surprises and unexpected realities. This prime-time production is not for the faint-hearted or the easily offended.

Several stories interweave during a heat wave in London involving a collection of interrelated characters. An illiterate builder helplessly copes against the emotional abuse from his fiancée and seeks solace from a Vicar who is dealing with his own internal conflicts, and external pressures to modernise his church. A foreign shop assistant faces language barriers and has no family to turn to, all alone and in London she battles to escape her dark past. A British born Islamic science teacher diplomatically deals with the constant pressure from his Mosque to change his teachings to fall in line with his faith, alongside increased tension stemming from recent terrorist attacks. A newly converted EDL member faces the turmoil of his sister dating an immigrant, with the world on her shoulders; her choices will affect the course of all their lives forever.

Shot in a similar style to Hollywood movies such as CRASH and MILLION DOLLAR BABY, the cinematography and direction will highlight the journey and subtext of our leading cast.

IMPERTINENCE is being produced by Award-Winning production company KINGDOM MOTION PICTURES. (Best Film & Best Screenplay, Virginia Film Festival, USA, 2012)

The production is being directed by the multi-talented filmmaker NAJAN WARD. His recent filmmaking credits include:

THE CHARLATANS (Writer/Producer, directed by ASHLEY WALTERS),
ILLEGAL ACTIVITY (Writer/Producer, screened at BAFTA, Warner Bros HQ, Google HQ)
THE CODE (Producer, screened at LIONSGATE FILMS, Los Angeles, California).
NAJAN WARD is also directing his full-feature film DISORGANISED CRIME in 2015.

If you would like to audition for a role in this production, please email us with the CHARACTER you would like to be seen for clearly stated in the SUBJECT LINE, along with your actor headshot and CV.


Eva / Female / 18 - 30 / Any Ethnicity / Foreign Accent

Eva is new to England and is beginning to pick up the language. She left her homeland for a brighter future in the UK. In her younger years she was very overweight and struggled to fit in at school. Her father served in the military and passed away when she was only 11 years old. His death was due to an incident on the army base, the full story was never uncovered. Rumour has it that he was going to go public with some sensitive information he had on the army. At only 18, she was disowned by her mother due to pressure from her new husband. Coming from a sheltered upbringing she wasn’t ready for the harsh streets of her country. She learnt quickly and took responsibility for her life. She worked excessively towards financial freedom and set her sights on moving to the capital of the world, London. She worked hard to get herself into shape physically and mentally. Through meditation she began to rid herself of her childhood scars. Upon moving to England she was served a real culture shock. Everyone was so free and had endless opportunities. On staff nights out she often feels alienated as she doesn’t enjoy drinking, and is sometimes misunderstood as a snob. Eva just doesn’t understand why anyone would put their bodies through such a beating. Eva is a strong advocate of, ‘you are what you eat’.

Gemma / Female / 18 - 30 / Any Ethnicity / British Accent

Gemma’s a real party girl but can be sensible when she needs to. She’s a straight talker and does not mince her words. She really can’t stand people who sit on the fence, you’re either in or you’re out. Her addiction to social media can be seen by some as unhealthy, she has a profile on every platform. Gemma loves people watching and has an uncanny skill for reading body language. Gemma had an older sister Louise who worked as a sports reporter. She lost her life on her honeymoon when she went swimming in the middle of the night. On the outside Gemma looks like she is handling the situation well but inside there is complete turmoil, a piece of her has died with her big sister. She’s studying performing arts and is embracing every moment of it. The creative outlet keeps her sane. Unlike some, she truly loves herself in a healthy way and wants to do her sister proud.

Nathan / Male / 18 - 30 / Caucasian / British Accent

Nathan has had a healthy childhood and has always been a sporting figure throughout school. He is quite a hit with the girls and is never short of female attention. He’s highly educated and was awarded a First Class Degree in Software Engineering from Bournemouth University. Nathan is a passionate character and will always stand up for what he believes in, even if it goes against the grain. He would put his life on the line for any of his family and friends. Nathan joined the EDL whilst he was studying at Bournemouth University. Nathan is not a racist and has many friends from ethnic minorities. His problem is with people trying to implement foreign laws in the UK which promote the suppression of woman, intolerance of homosexuality and disrespect towards the armed forces. Nathan’s sister has recently got into a relationship with an ethnic minority which has caused deep tensions within his groups. He is at a crossroads and is really struggling with the current situation.

Anna / Female / 18 - 30 / Caucasian / British Accent

Anna is a free spirit and has a close relationship with her parents and brother Nathan.Anna and her brother Nathan have always looked out for one another and have done most things together whilst growing up. Anna has a caring nature and is the agony aunt  amongst her circle of friends. Anna loves all types of music but has recently caught the dance music bug and can not stop rocking her Rudimental and Disclosure albums.  Anna recently completed a one year Erasmus programme at the Norwegian Academy of Music.  

John / Male / 45 - 65 / Caucasian / British Accent

John owns a double glazing firm and has been running the business for the last 25 years. He’s crafted a good living for himself and has been able to give his children a good education. He feels guilty sometimes that he hasn’t been able to spend as much time with his children growing up as he would have liked to. In the early days of his business he was working over 60 hours a week. He tries to make up for it now as much as he can. His marriage has seen a few up as and downs but his wife has truly been his rock, he’s a better man for being with her. He’s hoping to retire soon and buy a second home in the south of France, he is just waiting for his two children to settle after university. His son has recently joined the EDL which has been creating conflict in the household, he is desperately trying to keep things under control.

Matthew / Male / 18 - 30 / Any Ethnicity / Any Accent

Matthew comes from a highly disciplined background where creativity was suppressed and never encouraged in his household. The discipline went as far as forcing him to be right-handed although he was naturally left handed. Matthew later developed a speech impediment, which worsens when he becomes nervous. He is highly intelligent and has an almost freaky photographic memory. He can be described as quirky or annoying depending on your standpoint due to his idiosyncratic tendencies. Matthews parents had hopes for him to become a doctor or a lawyer, however he went on to study Architecture at Bath University where he indulged in an illicit affair with a senior lecturer. He became quite a legend in the underground pick-up community at his university.

Dave / Male / 20 - 30 / Any Ethnicity / British Accent

Dave is a builder by trade and know’s his job well. He suffers from heavy dyslexia which has gone by undiagnosed. At school he was teased for being thick but in reality he is very bright. He can work out mathematical equations in his head at lighting speeds and is awesome at managing numerous technician’s around a building site. He is physically fit and likes a good scrap, he gets an adrenalin rush from the mayhem. He’s engaged to his highschool sweetheart, however there’s a darker secret that lurks below. Over the years his relationships with his fiancee has turned into emotional abuse with Dave being on the receiving end. He keeps his sanity through street fighting as this is where he finds his much needed release.

Victor / Male / 21 - 30 / Any Ethnicity / Foreign Accent

Victor is an extremely intelligent young man, he’s a computer programmer and is completely self-taught. He has only moved to the UK in the last 6 months, he obtained a fake degree from his country in computer programming. His dream is to work for Google in Old Street, East-London. Finding work hasn’t been as easy as it had been promised by the people who he bought his degree from back home. In the meantime he works in Maplins and finds the work a complete bore but tries to make the most of it whilst he applies for new jobs. He is strongly considering moving back to his homeland as he is missing his family. He has a strong will and tries to make the most of his opportunities but silently he feels alone in his new country.

Steven / Male / 25 - 35 / Caucasian / British Accent

Steven is a car mechanic and runs his own garage. He has been fixing cars since he was 14 years old. Steven is in the process of opening his third garage and has been feeling the financial pinch whilst setting up the new company. He has a keen eye for business and is a fantastic boss to work for. He tries to create an environment where he would like to work, which in turn attracts loyal staff that always go the extra mile. He enjoys betting on the horses, a small guilty pleasure that he hides from his wife. He’s always looking for ways to live life on the edge, be it gambling, creating new business or participating in extreme sports. He is a strong advocate of the church which plays a significant role in keeping him grounded. His son Danny is the apple of his eye, after his son was born it gave him a whole new outlook on life. He plays a strong role in his son’s life, he is always building things with him, attending football matches and cheering him on in karate tournaments.

Sarah/ Female / 20 - 30 / Caucasian / British Accent

Sarah has had quite a troubled past having grown up in foster care. She really found balance in her life when she met Steven who is now her husband. He encouraged her to go to University even though she was pregnant. She managed to raise her child and go to University with a lot of support from her husband and family. She has come into her own and now her childhood almost feels like a distant memory, Sarah no longer feels the pain from old scars. It is the emotional scars that have made her compassionate and tolerant. Her past has given her strength and purpose. She is also planning on having a second child and has decided that once the baby is old enough she wants to start her own bakery, a dream that she has had since a child.

Paul / Male / 35 - 60 / Caucasian / British Accent

Paul is a Vicar and has been serving his church for just over 20 years. He has seen many changes to his area in London during the course of his life, and the Church has played a pivotal role in keeping the community together. In recent years he has been feeling the pressure to modernise his church and teachings which does not sit well with him. He knows the answers will come in their own time as they always do. He is determined not to dilute his work and reach as many people in his community as he can. In this sense he is very inventive and is always organising community events at their local hall. Two young men were shot in a crossfire at one of his events, this was the first time he has ever questioned his faith.

Delroy / Male / 20 - 35 / Caribbean / Jamaican Accent

Delroy is a bus driver and has been working for London Transport since moving to the United Kingdom. He grew up in the notorious slum Tivoli Gardens, in Kingston Jamaica. Delroy has seen many of his friends and family killed in shootouts, due to confrontations between law enforcement and the notorious Shower Posse gang. His hometown suffered from extreme poverty and inadequate social conditions. Delroy escaped to England refusing to let his family become victims of circumstance. Him and his wife immigrated to England and set up their new life in the Holly Street Estate in Hackney. His son Dalton is the apple of his eye, and he will go to any lengths to ensure he lives a comfortable life and wants for nothing. Delroy has traditional views regarding the family dynamic, and has an expectation of his wife to handle all of the household responsibilities.

Marcia / Female / 18 - 35 / Caribbean / Jamaican Accent

Marcia is one of five sisters and was her father's favourite. She grew up in Spanish Town Jamaica and had a good upbringing. Her Father was a Police Officer and had high expectations of her to achieve well academically. Marcia is haunted by a murder she saw her father commit when she was younger. She covered for her father in court, as he was charged with using excessive force. Her father was acquitted, however Marcia knows that her father was in the wrong. She is often plagued by guilt and feels as though she has ‘blood on her hands’’. She met her husband in church and immediately fell in love with his charm. It was through the churches charitable events where they built their relationship. It was his strong moral code that really drew her to him. They married, immigrated to England and set up their new life on the Holly Street Estate in Hackney. Her son means the world to her although he can be quite a handful at times, however she can become a strict disciplinarian when necessary. Her husband can be very controlling, however she has learnt how to cater to him and make him feel like the man of the house, although the reality is that she runs the show.

If you would like to audition for a role in this production, please email us with the CHARACTER you would like to be seen for clearly stated in the SUBJECT LINE, along with your actor headshot and CV.

DISORGANISED CRIME is the next full-feature film, which is being directed by the multi-talented NAJAN WARD and DUANE PALMER. The movie is set for cinema and DVD release and is currently in pre-production.

our Jack the lads Ricky D, Kyle, Michael and Dhillon find themselves in hot water when they agree to collect some duty-free alcohol from Dover for a shifty friend. On collection the alcohol turns out to be 10 Eastern-European girls who are being trafficked into the country to be delivered to ‘Acid-Tank’ Terry, the notorious Pimp from North-London, with a mythical reputation for making people disappear. Way out of their depth, the boys have an unfortunate run in with the Old Bill.  By complete fluke they make a lucky escape but forfeit the van along with Acid-Tanks 100 grand human cargo. With only three days, to either return the girls or the money, the foursome face the threat of losing a family member for each day that goes by. With no legitimate way to raise the cash, things get trickier when, they find themselves mixed up in the middle of kidnapping, robberies, disorganised crime and a serious conflict with some sociopathic Jew-robbing Polacks. With the clock ticking the lads futures look uncertain. With the unlikely help of some Jamaican talking Bangladeshi rude boys, will our four boys make it out alive?

Casting details coming soon.